The marked attention of the A.O.A. Producers’ Organisation to the environment, to the health of the consumer and to the sustainability of the productions has led to an evolution of the range of products distributed.

In collaboration with the La Reggia cooperative, Bio Mio, an entirely organic production line (QC certified), has been set up.
Salads (green Cappucina, red Batavia, green Batavia)
May Turnip
A commercial strategy that responds to the needs of the market, which requires increasingly more certified and organic products.

The A.O.A. Producers’ Organisation operates in the large-scale retail and normal trade channels with modern facilities in the production areas. The plants are equipped with automatic processing lines that make it possible to perform packaging in packs of various sizes. The organisation holds major certifications including the GlobalGAP, which is fundamental for supplying European large-scale distributors.