The A.O.A. Producers’ Organisation applies the Quality Product mark to its products. This logo was created after obtaining certification on the quality management system. All the products of the A.O.A. Producers’ Organisation are made through “Integrated Production”, in which priority is given to the safest ecological cultivation techniques, minimising the use of synthetic chemical products, in order to increase safety for the environment and human health. This type of production implies the respect and implementation of a specification with the involvement of technical specialists, who can advise the adoption of the most appropriate cultivation techniques, depending on field experience, market needs and varietal and technical innovations. The A.O.A. Producers’ Organisation has created its own structure for integrated production with the creation of a technical committee to which 12 technicians belong. Their task is to follow the producers from the preparation of the soil to the harvest, carrying out periodic visits and recommending the products to be used in the right manner and at the right time. Moreover, to underline even more the sensitivity of the environment, A.O.A. Producers’ Organisation has started an entirely organic production line. The production of cabbage, turnip, radish, lettuce, melon and rocket belongs to the BioMio line, certified QC.